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Our Elementary Program consists of grades K5 through 5th grade.  Our academy offers a structured, rigorous academics program that encompasses God in each and every subject.  All subjects are taught at or above Texas State standards and all are taught from a Christian perspective.  Students are provided with a safe environment that promotes learning academics and Godly values.

Reading and Phonics

The A Beka curriculum uses a traditional approach to education while supplying teachers with materials that assist students in gaining a superior knowledge that also using Christian principles and values.  It is best known for its successful early reading program that uses a unique phonics approach.  In the preK and early elementary grade the focus is first on learning to read and then on to reading to learn.

Language Arts
The A Beka Book Language Arts Program provides the tools teachers need to ensure students can write and speak clearly and effectively while learning to comprehend what they read. 
Language is a gift from God and while our world may ignore this gift we believe that it is a pleasure to write and speak with correct grammar. Grammar is taught with the purpose of making clear to students the orderly structure of language that God intended.  Students are also taught cursive handwriting.

Elementary Math

Purposeful Design math curriculum encourages to students to think mathematically all day long.  It gives teachers the tools needed to teach and maintain awareness of mathematics throughout their lives.  It also focusses on conceptual understandings and the use of computational skills and technology. 

Elementary Science

Purposeful Design curriculum engages students with investigation and observation of the world God created.  The design used the wonders of our creation and a biblical worldview to assist teachers in helping students apply this knowledge.  Students will receive interactive lessons that use hands-on experiments in all grade levels. 

Elementary History

Bob Jones University press curriculum uses a study of the world and its geography illustrating God’s wisdom and sovereignty.  It is a return to the historical facts that emphasizes Christian philosophy.  Students will obtain their knowledge through practical application and experiences that involve hands-on.

Weekly Chapel

Once a week, all of our Elementary students meet in the sanctuary for prayer, a time of worshiping the Lord, and learning about God's word. Through songs, movement, videos and skits our students have fun while growing in their relationship with Christ.