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Middle School &      High School

As your student enters secondary school at MCA, our goal is to encourage them to succeed academically, grow spiritually and become leaders who will impact their communities for Christ.

Our Academy's curriculum for Middle School (6th-8th grades) and High School (9th-12th grades) is designed to be an academically rigorous and challenging program. We use several different publishers to accomplish our academic mission that includes, but is not limited to, Bob Jones University Press, A Beka,

Purposeful Design (publisher for ACSI), Apologia, and McGraw Hill.  We review our textbooks systematically every few years to ensure that each book we use meets the needs of our students, and is consistent with our curriculum, goals, and desired student outcomes. 

In addition to the core subjects of Bible, Math, English, Science and History, students are also offered classes in Spanish, Fine Arts, Leadership and Technology. Dual credit courses are available for students in 11th and 12th grade who qualify.

Participation in ACSI student activities is an essential part of our curriculum as well. Our students have been successful placing in the annual ACSI Spelling Bee, History Bee, Math Olympics, Science Fair and Creative Writing competitions. 

All Middle and High School Students attend weekly chapel, where we meet in the sanctuary for worship and Bible lessons. Please click here for more detailed information about weekly chapel.