Welcome from the Athletic Director

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As Director of Athletics, I would like to welcome you to the Warrior Nation family.  I look forward to getting to know you as you and your child progress through our athletic program.
It is our goal to provide every student with an opportunity to participate in one or more athletic events.  The MCA Athletic program is designed for individual and team sports that further our school mission of mental, physical and spiritual development of our students. At Memorial, students may participate in tackle football, flag football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, track & field, and cheerleading.
All Warrior athletic programs have specific goals.  They include: creating a positive and competitive experience for every athlete; providing an environment that ensures high ethical standards and expectations for fairness, equity and sportsmanship for all of our student-athletes and coaches; and enhancing our student’s overall school experience by allowing them to develop and strengthen relationships with peers outside the classroom.  At Memorial we strive to provide coaches and staff that are knowledgeable in their respective sports and promote the goals that we have established.
Did you know that research shows that the greatest influence upon our student athletes is not their coach or their peers?  By far, you as parents or guardians have the greatest influence upon your child.  Feedback and behavior of a parent can influence a child’s motivation, perceived competence and their enjoyment of the sport.  It will also affect how long an athlete stays involved in sports.  At MCA we welcome and encourage parents/guardians to be involved in the sports program through our Warrior Booster Club.
I hope that you are as excited as I, as we approach another year of Warrior Athletics.  My prayer is that the privilege extended to your student to participate in athletics will help lay the foundation for future success in life.  I am honored to be a part of Warrior Nation and will work hard on your child’s behalf to promote and strengthen the values of our programs.
Respectfully,                                                                                                                                                                    Jackie Shiller                                                                                                                                                                   Athletic Director

Athletic Program Overview

High School    Grades:  9th - 12th    League Affiliations:  Texas Christian Athletic Fellowship

Fall                                                   Winter                                             Spring

Football                                             Basketball                                         Track & Field

Volleyball                                          Cheer


Cross Country


Middle School     Grades:  6th - 8th     League Affiliations:  Austin Christian Athletic Association

FALL                                                   Winter                                               Spring

FLag Football                                      Basketball                                           Track & Field

Volleyball                                           Cheer                                                       


Cross Country


Elememtary     Grades:  4th - 6th     League Affiliations:  Austin Christian Athletic Association

Fall                                                       Winter                                               Spring

Flag Football                                         Basketball                                           Track & Field

Volleyball                                              Cheer