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In the heart of Central Texas, in the vibrant community of Killeen, lies Memorial Christian Academy (MCA), a beacon of Christian education and unwavering support for families in the area. This unique school, which serves students from kindergarten through grade 12, has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1969.

Originally known as Memorial Baptist Christian Academy, MCA opened its doors under the visionary leadership of Pastor J. Floyd Franks. With a mission to provide a private Christian education that extended the church's overall mission, the school began modestly, welcoming just thirty pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students. It was under the dedicated guidance of Mrs. Marie Swindle that MCA took its first steps towards becoming a cherished institution in the Killeen and Fort Cavazos (Hood) area.

Over the years, Memorial Christian Academy experienced remarkable growth. Under the capable direction of Mrs. Virginia Irwin, the school introduced the ABEKA curriculum in 1973, setting a precedent for excellence in education. Enrollments soared, and by 1981, the school had expanded to include first through third grades. Despite its growth, MCA remained rooted in its values, nurturing a sense of family and community within its walls.

In 1990, Daryl Reimer took the helm as the school's administrator, overseeing a period of significant expansion. Grades four through nine were added, and by 1997, MCA celebrated its first graduating class, approaching an enrollment of 500 students. However, challenges lay ahead.
Several administrators followed, including Ms. Sandra Franklin, Mr. Doyle White, Mrs. Carolyn High, Mrs. Sandy Stevens, and Mrs. Joanne Ferster. Unfortunately, due to a series of events, the high school program was temporarily discontinued, and the school focused on serving students up to the 8th grade. It was during this time that MCA transformed into an independent 501(c)(3) organization in 2001.

The turning point came in 2007 when Mr. Jackie Shiller assumed the role of Administrator. Under his leadership, the high school program was reinstated, and the school's board of directors set an ambitious agenda: expanding the school to include high school grades and pursuing accreditation. Memorial Christian Academy met these goals head-on.

In 2008-2009, MCA welcomed its first 9th-grade class, with an anticipated graduation year of 2012. Simultaneously, under the guidance of Mr. Doyle Banks, the school earned its initial accreditation in 2011, solidifying its commitment to academic excellence. This accreditation was reconfirmed in 2017, reflecting the school's continued dedication to quality education.

Today, Memorial Christian Academy stands as a pillar of the Killeen community. Its diverse student population, representing various cultures, countries, and ethnic groups, finds solace in the warm embrace of MCA, often lacking a local support system. For many, MCA becomes their extended family, providing not only education but also a nurturing environment.

The school's mission has remained constant throughout its 54-year history—to teach students to be disciples of Jesus, effective scholars, and Christ-like leaders. In a community that has faced military deployments and tragic events, Killeen remains resilient. MCA embodies this spirit of resilience, offering hope, education, and a sense of belonging to its students and families.
Memorial Christian Academy, nestled in the heart of Texas, continues to grow and evolve while staying true to its core values. As it looks towards the future, MCA's commitment to developing leaders, scholars, and disciples remains unwavering, ensuring that it remains a cherished institution for Christian families and military dependents in the Killeen area.


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