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Admissions Process


1. Schedule A Tour

Tour our facilities and classrooms with a guided tour to answer all your questions. We'll show you your student's current classroom environment as well as their following year's classroom. Additionally we'll answer any questions you have regarding your student's success in our environment.

2. Application

After your tour, you may start the application process.

New students applying for admission to grades K3 through 12 will be required to take an entrance test. Testing is used to determine enrollment eligibility. Students' scores should be at or above the anticipated grade level. Prior to testing, parents must provide a current report card or transcript for applying students. High school transfer students from non-accredited schools and home school students will be required to take final exams for each individual subject to receive transfer credit. 

We will also conduct a family interview. 

After which our Admissions Committee will meet and make the recommendation for your student to enroll if we are confident they will thrive in our academy. Then families are allowed to complete the application process.

3. Enrollment

Once your student is approved for enrollment, you will receive a link by email that includes the enrollment packet for you to fill out.

No student shall be admitted who: 

• Is not eligible to return to their previous school 
• Has a history of disciplinary problems at prior schools 
• Has an academic deficiency that cannot be addressed at MCA. (This is based upon testing, prior school records, or information received from previous instructors.) 
• Has emotional problems that cannot be met by MCA 
• Has a court record or a reputation that is ungodly 
• Has a physical handicap or learning disability for which our program is not staffed 
• Is married or has been married 
• Is pregnant or has a child 
• Has expressed a homosexual, bisexual, or transgender orientation (Romans 13:13, 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10) 
• Has any other educational, social and/or physical needs that cannot be met by MCA's existing programs, services, or staff 

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